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Bowdoin '16
lost and found

lost and found

Baby Leopard

Ma no longer prides my speaking
of the American English
I suppose it reminds her of my many years of absence
from home,
her memories that cannot be relinquished.

Ma used to urge me to practice English,
“It is o k if math and science not your best,”
English holds the key to all doors of opportunity
So pay attention to your teacher and listen very closely
as learning is a child’s only duty.

Ma only wants me to converse with her in Chinese
Sometimes she would even, passive aggressively
toss me a newspaper and have me narrate a random story
And honestly,
every year that passes by is another few hundred words of unfamiliarity.

But I haven’t forgotten it all,
such as the Three Character Classic
where you spent days and nights having me recite
Every couplet to be deeply engrained in my mind
That I was Mencius, and filial piety was as imperative
as my studies, but never more than his ma – you.

Ma, I understand your frustration
I see that it’s not just the intonation and stress patterns
Every stroke I write, you see as a lack of depth and reflection
Every word I speak, you hear as a cry for attention
Every book I read, you say is missing character expansion

But let’s not stop the conversation
Despite the altercations
I’m glad there’s a confrontation
If there’s one thing I’ve gained from my English acquisition,
it’s twenty-six extra letters to the freedom of expression.

While myriad of terms are contributing to my vocab extension,
nothing will replace your love and affection
For a leopard cannot change its spots,
except under specific habitual conditions.
And say if I am now no longer able to successfully deliver all two thousand characters of classic Confucianism,
Trust me when I tell you ‘ily’,
even if it is the abbreviation
cause these three letters contain for you,
my utmost appreciation.

a song i hold close to my heart. 

Anonymous said: NICOLE!! So a few days ago I was listening in to the radio in AUS and they were interviewing Sara Bareilles and they were talking about her song Brave and if she ever listens to any covers of her songs on youtube, and they started to play one of the covers in the background AND IT WAS YOURS!! I WAS LITERALLY SUPRISED, AHAH I COULD RECOGNIZE UR VOICE A MILE AWAY just thought id let u know :)

NO WAYYYYYY — wow, thanks for letting me know!!!!! <3

stop it 

stop it 

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still can&#8217;t believe it, u guys are awesome!!

still can’t believe it, u guys are awesome!!

… maybe tomorrow

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the contrast is vast
but I feel the same
there&#8217;s no place like home
where most things remain

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the contrast is vast

but I feel the same

there’s no place like home

where most things remain


Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia (von yaman ibrahim)


Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia (von yaman ibrahim)


nothing makes me more sad and mad than seeing the nicest people being treated like crap

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